Shadow Fight 3 iPhone iPad Cheats

Traps and Tips Shadow Fight 3 iPhone Here is a series of very practical tips for iPhone Shadow Fight 2, this game that is beating record in downloads in which we will have a shadow of a fighter to face different enemies through martial arts very successful. Tips: – Learn how to handle your fighter in the Dojo, test the many combinations that you have available and learn to use them at any time to try to do as much damage as possible to your opponent and thus end it.

– Pay attention to the attacks of the enemy, and try to counter them, if for example, we see that the opponent jumps to attack us, we can keep the Joystick back and down and press to kick it, that way when the enemy gets off the jump we can throw it down.

-The best way to win the matches is to use dynamically defense and offense, this way we will get better results, since if we only defend we will not win, but if we are attacking all the time the opponent can take advantage to counteract our attacks and Alfinal will have us over. Improve your character: As we win fighting we will get more coins that we can spend in the store to learn new moves and thus make our character stronger, also we can go buying weapons like swords or knives to deal more damage to our enemies, on the other hand also

We can buy new clothes for our shadow, and in case we run out of coins we can always buy more with real money from the game store. Losing Combat: In some occasions we will face really difficult opponents, and we will even think about desi sta lar the game, calm to try to learn the movements of the enemy and try to counteract all possible, especially as we explained before trying to throw them to the ground when they attack us with a jump, and Once drop try to combine some quick strokes, and so start again little by little, this way we can beat him in a simpler way without eliminating us as if nothing.

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